Six Sentence Story: Control

She tried to remain as still as possible, thinking that perhaps stillness might also help to quiet her mind. They were racing again, her thoughts, and she searched frantically for control. It had been three weeks since her miscarriage, three weeks since she’s slept, and three weeks since […]

Poetry: Nostalgia of Love

For the moment, I’ll let nostalgia consume me I’ll embrace the depth of these memories and linger on promises and dreams. I will not leave you here alone. I’ll cherish the laughs we’ve had and pluck out the parts of our relationship where the gravity of our reality […]

Short Stories: Killer

Killer By Dora Acosta          I shook my leg incessantly. I did not want to be here, but at the same time I couldn’t leave. It was only one time, I thought to myself, a mistake even. I was allowed to make those wasn’t I? “Ladies and gentlemen, […]