“I will teach them history,” I say Forgetting that they cannot read Forgetting that they cannot write Forgetting that they cannot access what it is they need to comprehend. “I will begin again,” I say Taking on a task that feels both overwhelming and seemingly mundane. Diligence. “I […]

I am from. So I write.

I am from brokenness and madness, Untraditional home, But making it feel like home, Impulsive decision making and decisively sticking with it. I am from “You cannot fail” Cannot be black and fail Cannot be female and fail Cannot be immigrant and fail. I am from “You don’t […]

Short Story: Pet

“Go get it boy. Go get the ball” I pointed to the far corner of the yard where it had rolled and been resting now for a few minutes. Blacky cocked his head to one side to look at me and continued to wag his tail. He didn’t […]


I took a step into tomorrow But my past just wasn’t ready to let go. Fighting became easier than surviving The next breath now more valuable than gold.   I took a step into tomorrow But my past tried to strangle me like so. Every “tick” that time […]

Daddy’s little girls 

I was sipping on Kool-Aid when I first saw him. I was only six but still my mind wondered, Why the liquid plastered all over mommy’s face seemed darker  than the red of the juice presently in my face. Loud cries from the other room, left room for […]

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today was yesterday’s tomorrow, But the days are not the same For yesterday held promises, bright hopes, and no sorrow. Yesterday’s fears became today’s reality, As young women wept for lost love And newborns took place of the lost above. Today, was yesterday’s promise As a binding ring […]

Letter to my sister

  I watched you unravel. A little at first, and then a lot I’m not sure what exactly took over, Or why you decided we were no longer enough. I think of you sometimes, although, I would never admit it. I think sometimes, it’s my fault, for not […]