A Soul Awake

Hope is the dream of a soul awake, Wakefully so I pray and I wait. Contradictions of my diminishing imagination, Tell a story of perplexed and puzzling situations. Broken keys in jazzy blues, My heart would skip a beat for you. I’d love to spend a day with […]

Writing prompt #1

Write this story in 6 sentences or less: A person is standing on a soapbox in the park, yelling at passerby. What is going on? Happy writing!   **Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting or answering the prompt, create a pingback to this challenge and we’ll […]

Sonnet 1

I love today and will tomorrow love Although there is much sorrow yet to come. It fits on me like a well fitted glove And embraces me like sweet tasting rum. My love for you is rooted deep within, With doors shut tight no others can come through. […]

My Best Friend and I

This poem, much like our friendship is only one side of the story But really, I’m starting to realize that one side was all I ever really had. I think I’ve got about a million questions to ask you And believe it or not, they all seem to […]


Ingenuity © Dora Acosta Staff meeting number 12, But really, who’s counting? Whiteboards painted with data And teachers doting their spreadsheets. The Discrepancies are at play again. The best of our educational minds put their heads together, And still can’t make sense of why, it looks like these […]

3AM Call

Reality hits you hard at 3am. Lay awake and stare at what seems to be vanishing. Your sanity Briefly Palpating strokes of time Sleep is faint and fear is loud. Is this really who you’ll always be? At 3:15am, forever feels more permanent. Past mistakes and bad choices […]

From Where You Dream

From Where You Dream © Dora Acosta I’m awake this time. At least I think I am. This looks like my room and this feels like my bed, my sheets but everything is a little moist. Am I sweating? Was I dreaming? Two minutes ago, I think this […]

I Will Love You

I will love you, Longer than I should. Long after the world has turned and there are no longer traces of you. I will look for you, For the laughter in your eyes, For the faint scent of familiarity in your clothes And hug my pillow late at […]

A concert down memory lane

“Not today,” she belts out on stage, and for that moment, I was not one of many in attendance at a concert. It was just her and I and it made perfect sense. I wandered in and out of my past and let her music become the soundtrack to […]