via Daily Prompt: Bitter I may bite my bottom lip each time I see you with her, question the authenticity of this quick forming bond, compare what it is that you might see in her to all of the things I’ve had to offer, but I assure you, I am not […]

The Burden of Color

At some point today, between the article of yet another boy of color being shot by the police and a  black professional athlete experiencing racial taunting in the city that I call home, something broke. I mean inside of me. I think something broke. I shook my head […]

Hypocrite on Borrowed Time 

Most of the time, I feel like a hypocrite. 
A regular fake
. People are so used to believing I’m something I’m not,
 I think I’m starting to believe it too. 
Why can’t I accept the truth? 
I find it might be easier than keeping track of my lies. Sometimes […]

The Impossibility of Friendship

There is an impossibility to friendship. A necessary vulnerability required by all parties and though it seems easier in theory, at least partly It’s also easier to keep guarded entirely. There is a mystery  to friendship. An uncanny connection between two souls that evolve into an inexplicable bond […]


Life continues, Time never stops Whether you’re in, or out, or standing on the sidelines Awaiting your turn, planning your play It goes on. Never ending, always unwinding, And we become disposable pawns. Our dreams are always within our reach, Or so it seems, More often, it lies […]