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Tragic Habits

We were 9 and 8 and we sat in the living room most afternoons after we ate. The sunlight shone through the window in the most slanted way and sometimes rested on him or me but never both. We liked similar cartoons and watched them religiously each afternoon. […]

From Where You Dream

From Where You Dream © Dora Acosta I’m awake this time. At least I think I am. This looks like my room and this feels like my bed, my sheets but everything is a little moist. Am I sweating? Was I dreaming? Two minutes ago, I think this […]

Short Story: Pet

“Go get it boy. Go get the ball” I pointed to the far corner of the yard where it had rolled and been resting now for a few minutes. Blacky cocked his head to one side to look at me and continued to wag his tail. He didn’t […]

Short Story: O.G

O.G © Dora Acosta “You shot him! You assholes!! You actually actually shot my brotha! I yelled afta them as they was running away. I held his limp body close to mine. My brotha was soaked in blood and wasn’t moving at all. He was wearing too much […]

Short Story: Home

Home ©  Dora Acosta Ashley realized a long time ago that she didn’t actually have a say as to where they moved. Her mom liked her to believe she did. Their conversations about moving were always the same. “So why are we moving this time?” asked Ashley, with […]

Six Sentence Story: Control

She tried to remain as still as possible, thinking that perhaps stillness might also help to quiet her mind. They were racing again, her thoughts, and she searched frantically for control. It had been three weeks since her miscarriage, three weeks since she’s slept, and three weeks since […]