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Make space for it

In light of everything that has been going on in the news, especially in Charlotte, I must say this: teachers, please make space to discuss these events in your classrooms. As a teacher, I am more than aware that the beginning of the year and the end of […]

The Burden of Color

At some point today, between the article of yet another boy of color being shot by the police and a  black professional athlete experiencing racial taunting in the city that I call home, something broke. I mean inside of me. I think something broke. I shook my head […]

A concert down memory lane

“Not today,” she belts out on stage, and for that moment, I was not one of many in attendance at a concert. It was just her and I and it made perfect sense. I wandered in and out of my past and let her music become the soundtrack to […]

What Teachers Owe

A 14 year old boy sits at the front of his fifth grade class. This is his third try at this particular grade and second time with this particular teacher. He has grown resentful and cold. Being the oldest and tallest kid in the class has taken a […]

An Oath to pizza

Turns out craft pizza was what I’ve been missing in my life all along. Delicious, thin crust, round goodness, made exactly how I like it. I mean when I first stepped into this brick and mortar answer to all of life’s most difficult questions, I was a little […]