Month: April 2017

The Impossibility of Friendship

There is an impossibility to friendship. A necessary vulnerability required by all parties and though it seems easier in theory, at least partly It’s also easier to keep guarded entirely. There is a mystery  to friendship. An uncanny connection between two souls that evolve into an inexplicable bond […]


Life continues, Time never stops Whether you’re in, or out, or standing on the sidelines Awaiting your turn, planning your play It goes on. Never ending, always unwinding, And we become disposable pawns. Our dreams are always within our reach, Or so it seems, More often, it lies […]

Writing Prompt #4 

Word count challenge: Write and respond to the following prompt in 150 words. You’ve awoken with four small injection sites on your arm. What does it mean? **Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting or answering the prompt. Create a pingback to this challenge and your post will […]

Community Property

All through the evening I stayed still to play this waiting game. What an amazing skill, I thought, as I took back my shame. I know at times I play, and say things that I do not mean but I see how you look my way and wish time […]