Month: November 2016


“I will teach them history,” I say Forgetting that they cannot read Forgetting that they cannot write Forgetting that they cannot access what it is they need to comprehend. “I will begin again,” I say Taking on a task that feels both overwhelming and seemingly mundane. Diligence. “I […]

I am from. So I write.

I am from brokenness and madness, Untraditional home, But making it feel like home, Impulsive decision making and decisively sticking with it. I am from “You cannot fail” Cannot be black and fail Cannot be female and fail Cannot be immigrant and fail. I am from “You don’t […]

Short Story: Pet

“Go get it boy. Go get the ball” I pointed to the far corner of the yard where it had rolled and been resting now for a few minutes. Blacky cocked his head to one side to look at me and continued to wag his tail. He didn’t […]