Month: September 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today was yesterday’s tomorrow, But the days are not the same For yesterday held promises, bright hopes, and no sorrow. Yesterday’s fears became today’s reality, As young women wept for lost love And newborns took place of the lost above. Today, was yesterday’s promise As a binding ring […]

Letter to my sister

  I watched you unravel. A little at first, and then a lot I’m not sure what exactly took over, Or why you decided we were no longer enough. I think of you sometimes, although, I would never admit it. I think sometimes, it’s my fault, for not […]

Short Story: O.G

O.G © Dora Acosta “You shot him! You assholes!! You actually actually shot my brotha! I yelled afta them as they was running away. I held his limp body close to mine. My brotha was soaked in blood and wasn’t moving at all. He was wearing too much […]